Flexible tube and vial handling with BioMicroLab XL9 and XL20 : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

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The BioMicroLab series of dependable, user-friendly, and versatile sample management automation instruments offer necessary tools to labs that automate a single task for the first time or achieve completely automated sample management workflows. Plastic PCR Tube

Flexible tube and vial handling with BioMicroLab XL9 and XL20 : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

The BioMicroLab XL Series of economical and dependable benchtop robotic pick-and-place systems automate critical sample management tasks like reformatting, organizing, and analyzing samples. SPT Labtech provides four models differing by configurable modules and rack capacity. Every instrument can be employed for a single operation in the workflow or to achieve many tasks such as weighing, scanning, and labeling.

All models are completely electric (no compressed air required) and comprise Windows-based easy-to-use, integration-ready software, and are completely compatible with LIMS systems.

For 96-format microtubes, the BioMicroLab XL9 tube handler can be configured with labeling, sample tracking, and volume detection capabilities. With a nine-rack capacity, this is perfect for labs beginning with automation or inadequate benchtop space.

Like the XL9, the BioMicroLab XL20 tube handler for 96-format microtubes can be configured with sample tracking, labeling, and volume detection capabilities. Equipped with a more extensive deck holding 20 racks, the XL20 provides hours of “walk-away” time and is the perfect benchtop robot to use along with completely automated sample stores.

The BioMicroLab XL100 carries out complicated tube and vial handling tasks, such as volume detection of low sample volumes, labeling, de-capping, capping, re-arraying, etc. Compatible with tubes and vials of a maximum of 125 mm in height and developed with an interchangeable pick-head, labs can employ the same instrument for different vials and tubes.

Identical in function and capabilities to the XL100, but with a bigger deck capacity of 30 racks, the BioMicroLab XL200 also conducts complicated tube and vial handling tasks, such as volume detection of very low sample volumes, labeling, capping, de-capping, liquid transfer, re-array, etc. Compatible with the same kind of vials and tubes (up to 125mm in height), XL200 is perfect for labs that process high-volume runs or need deck spaces for wash areas, reagents, or tip boxes.

The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck instruments employ patented non-contact ultrasonic technology to precisely diagnose the volume of each tube or well and output the volumes of a 384-well plate to an inbuilt, easy-to-use display in as quickly as 30 seconds. The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck is employed along with liquid handlers to guarantee the precision of assay plate preparation, in sample library inventory management workflows, and in any workflow that needs volume verification before or following other processing tasks. Featuring compatibility with an extensive range of labware, outstanding repeatability, and user-focused software, the BioMicroLab VolumeCheck offers labs a simple solution for automated volume verification.

The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 100 aids in lab shift away from manual or visual inspection of tube racks and well plates by providing an automated substitute. With an economical price point, the BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 100 is perfect for labs requiring to combine detection of high or low volumes in uncapped 24-, 96-, and 48- format tube racks and well plates into their workflow.

Using the highest accuracy, quickest scan speed, and compatibility with the broadest range of labware, The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 384 is the solution preferred for most labs. It is compatible with 384 well plates and uncapped tubes in 24-, 96-, and 48-format racks (no adapters or consumables are required), and gives back the volumes of a 384 well plate in as quickly as 30 seconds in quick scan mode.

The time-intensive process of printing and applying labels by hand is automated by the BioMicroLab LabelPro. Being accessible as a standalone printer or combined with a BioMicroLab XL Tube Handler for automated labeling and other tube handling tasks, the BioMicroLab LabelPro applies labels to cryovials, microtubes, Falcon conical centrifuge tubes, and glass vials. With included software, operators can develop uniform or unique labels with symbols or texts using any font, barcodes, and easily repeat labeling projects.

Right out of the box and ready to use, the BioMicroLab AutoCap™ makes it simple for operators to quickly add or remove screw caps for 96-format external or internal thread tubes. For labs with different kinds of tubes, the interchangeable capping tools enable operators to promptly alter the instrument to cap varied labware. A network connection or an onboard user-friendly 7-inch color touchscreen interface prevents repetitive strain injuries characteristic of capping tasks.

The BioMicroLab SampleScan™ full rack and single tube barcode scanners are user-friendly, dependable, and combine well with other systems. They can be employed to decode 2D barcodes on the base of cryovials, cryotubes, glass vials, and others in a vast collection of ANSI/SLAS standard labware.

BioMicroLab SampleScan systems can be employed in drug discovery laboratories and biorepositories worldwide and have been popular with thousands of users.

The BioMicroLab Scan integrates the newest camera and software technology with an advanced, compact design. Developed for high-speed barcode reading for both SBS and standard cyrobox format 2D barcoded tubes, this efficient new reader decodes most rack types within one second.

The BioMicroLab SampleScan Plus, a single tube reader, promptly decodes 1D and 2D barcodes into any open application without any extra software. The user hovers a tube over the scanning window, and the SampleScan Plus sounds a beep and flashes a light to show that the scan was efficient. USB drives this plug-and-play barcode reader, is compatible with a broad range of barcode kinds, and comprises a rugged metal chassis that can be used in various laboratory environments.

Compatible with various 2D microtubes and cryotubes, the BioMicroLab SampleScan Mini scans a 96-format rack in 4 to 5 seconds. Users can scan a single tube by hovering it over the scanning window.

The versatile BioMicroLab SampleScan ES is compatible with the broadest range of labware and with integrated condensation reduction technology to scan frozen racks. It is the choice for labs with multiple tube formats. It is available with an integrated 1D reader to decode the rack ID from any side.

Within one second, the high-speed BioMicroLab SampleScan HS reader decodes a rack, which makes it the quickest model available. Alongside speed, it is perfect for decoding cryovials, thanks to embedded condensation reduction technology and cool room environment compatibility. BioMicroLab SampleScan HS is available with an integrated 1D reader to decode the rack ID from any side.

The BioMicroLab SampleScan Cryo, a high-speed reader, has built-in technology to guarantee flawless operation while scanning frozen labware in cold environments. Developed for decoding 81/100 format cryoboxes and SBS format racks, the BioMicroLab SampleScan Cryo outputs barcodes within three seconds and is available with an integrated 1D reader to decode the rack ID from any side.

Successfully thaw frozen samples in ANSI/SLAS racks to enhance workflow. A narrow footprint, simple operation, and no warm-up time make the Rack Thawing Station an ideal option for laboratories frustrated by the inefficiency of functioning with frozen tube racks.

To enhance the precision of analytic balances, users can utilize the XL Ionizer in ultra-dry environments. Plastic test tubes, which are moved in and out of plastic racks, can store an electrostatic charge. The charge may result in minor differences in the test tube sample weight when the tube is kept in an analytical balance, particularly at low volumes. The XL Ionizer dissipates the electrostatic charge on the instrument deck, tube racks, the balance, and the tube itself.

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Flexible tube and vial handling with BioMicroLab XL9 and XL20 : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

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